Agriculture Sector Lead Ministries (ASLMs)

  1. Ministry of Agriculture;
  2. Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries;
  3. Ministry of Water;
  4. Ministry of Land, Housing and Human Settlements Development;
  5. Ministry of Industries and Trade;
  6. President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Governments (Head Quarters, Regional Secretariat and Local Government Authorities).
  7.  Other collaborating Ministries that will contribute some members includes; Ministry of Finance and Planning and the Prime Minister’s Office which has been assigned with the general oversight roles on the Programme. Equally important in the implementation of the programme are the Development Partners and Private Sector who will also participate in the decision making organs.

The key role of the ASLMs is to promote coordination and harmonization across all development and cooperating partners investments in the sector, to provide a viable pathway out of poverty for the nation’s millions of small‐scale farmers, and to facilitate the road towards improved sector harmonization and alignment of partners to drive equitable growth in a sound and common framework. Including by stimulating inclusive private sector role and investments including public–private partnerships (PPPs)


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