Programme Objectives

To transform the agricultural sector towards higher productivity, commercialization level and smallholder farmer income for improved livelihood, food security and nutrition.

Component 1: Sustainable Water & Land Use Management

Objective: Expanded sustainable water and land use management for crops, livestock and fisheries

Components Priority Investment Areas

  • Land use planning and watershed management.
  • Irrigation infrastructure development.
  • Irrigation scheme management & operation.
  • Water sources development for livestock & fisheries;
  • Promote Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) technologies and practices.

Component 2: Enhanced Agricultural Productivity And Profitability

Objective: Increased productivity growth rate for commercial market-oriented agriculture for priority commodities

Components Priority Investment Areas

  • Strengthening Agricultural extension, training and promotion/info services (crops, livestock and fisheries);
  • Improvement Access to crops, livestock and fisheries inputs and health services;
  • Research and development;
  • Strengthening and promoting agricultural mechanization (crop, livestock and fisheries);
  • Food and nutrition security

Component 3: Commercialization And Value Addition.

Objective: Improved & expanded rural marketing and value addition promoted by a thriving competitive private sector and effective farmer organizations

Components Priority Investment Areas

  • Develop market access for all priority commodities;
  • Develop market access for fisheries and livestock products;
  • Development of processing and value addition for Crop, livestock and fishery products.

Component 4: Sector Enablers, Coordination And Mornitoring And Evaluation.

Objective: Strengthened institutions, enablers and coordination framework

Components Priority Investment Areas

  • Policy and Regulatory Framework and Business Environment Improvement.
  • Strengthening organizational and technical capacities of existing and new small scale producer, trade and processing farmer organizations and cooperatives movement.
  • Promote and strengthen gender inclusiveness in the agricultural sector.
  • Improve and strengthen vertical (from PO-RALG to RSs and LGAs) and horizontal coordination between ASLMs.
  • Improved Capacity and agricultural data collection and management systems
  • Management Capacities and Systems Improvement (vii) Develop Agricultural Sector M&E System
  • Develop Agricultural Sector M&E System.
  • Kuwezesha na kuimarisha uwezo wa utendaji wa shughu li za kilimo kwa watendaji wa sekta ya kilimo katika ngazi zote.
  • Improvement of Capacity in all levels (ix) Improvement of ICT for Agricultural Information Services and Systems.
  • Provide microfinance services.
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