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Agricultural sector is the main stay of the Tanzanian economy, currently contributing about 29.1% of the GDP, 65.5% of employment, 65% of raw materials to the industrial sector and 30% of export earnings. The sector development is very crucial in the growth of the national economy and development of industrial sector also important for the provision of adequate food and guarantees nutrition security to the Tanzania population. On 4th June 2018, The President of the United Republic of… Read More →



Transform subsistence smallholder into sustainable commercial farmers by enhancing and activating sector drivers and supporting smallholders


Increased productivity , enhancing marketing level, value addition, farmer income, food security and nutrition.


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Wilaya ya Igunga kunufaika na Programu ya Kuendeleza Kilimo na Uvuvi

Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Igunga iliyopo mkoani Tabora imetajwa kuwa miongoni mwa wilaya kadhaa nchini zitakazonufaika na Programu ya Kuendeleza Kilimo na Uvuvi (AFDP)…

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